Podcast Introduction

Thank you very much indeed for considering being a guest on the Days podcast, hosted by Ian Smith and Amanda Danells-Bewley. We have aimed to gather together here all the useful information about the podcast so that you can have the best experience possible.


Hosted by Amanda and Ian, Days is an irreverent look at the plethora of odd and, occasionally ridiculous, celebration days from around the globe. There will be be plenty of laughs, chat and banter!

We know that many awareness and celebration days have a serious side, however, we are looking to bring humour and some amusing and maybe obscure facts and figures to the listener. In each episode, listeners will discover all sorts of ‘stuff, such as why we celebrate World Chocolate Day or the right way to to cook a Full English Breakfast on International Bacon Day, or how photography can help you to become more mindful on World Photography Day.


Each episode of the podcast is an audio recording lasting between about 30 and 45 minutes, that can be listened to in a range of podcast apps. We publish this in all the places where people listen to podcasts and you can find them all by clicking the "Subscribe" button at the top of our homepage at https://dayspodcast.com.


Now! Anyone can subscribe to the podcast via our website, we have a trailer, which came out on June 18th 2020, and plenty of episodes of which the first was for World Chocolate Day on July 7th 2020.

We are aiming for approximately an 1-2 episodes per month depending on the calendar of interesting, and fun awareness days!


You, of course! And us! If you want to know more about us, you can find us online.

Contact Details

Links to the Podcast

You can find the podcast at our homepage, which is at https://dayspodcast.com. We are also on Twitter and we have a Facebook page - follows, likes, etc. are all gratefully received.

Here are a few example episodes that we're particularly proud of:

World Postcard Day



Roald Dahl Day



Talk Like A Pirate Day



World Photography Day